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Expressing creativity and beauty in design and decor is an ever-changing and evolving

process.  Although changes can be a major new construction project, or a renovation that

includes updating a space. Many times the change can be as simple as moving furniture

around or embellishing a pillow.

It has been my personal mission to find what makes life more comfortable, beautiful, and

pleasurable.  I bring what I have learned over the years to every client  while delivering

results tailored to their specific needs and wants.

There is a smart way of making decisions and choices that will not create a major overhaul 

every time styles change.  I would love to walk through this fun, exciting, creative, process with you. Sharing unlimited ideas and resources, together we can create a unique and comfortable decor that can withstand time. 


My creative journey began at the age of 5 when I was sent to the Cleveland Museum of Art for art lessons.  In second grade I did not hear my teacher telling everyone to put away their crayons, I did not hear the world around me ... well no chocolate milk for me!


After attending Fine Art School followed by Fashion Design College, I began thinking about creating art in a studio or sewing garments for the rest of my life - OH NO!  Just in time, an opportunity to design the interior of a restaurant came my way and that was it!  I discovered a career where I could paint murals, design spaces that made people feel good and comfortable, fabricate window treatments, co-ordinate contractors and owners, and of course add some Accents of Artistry.


After 30 years, clients that I have known since the beginning are now considered friends; they enhance and make my life better! I love my career.


Your Interior Friend,

Moira Donovan

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