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Classes and Calendar


10:00 - 3:00


A Saturday workshop designed to allow a block of time to work on projects.  Each person chooses their own project which would benefit from individualized instruction.  

Projects may vary from painting an item, using various techniques; sewing, from beginner to advanced levels; drawing; 

jewelry; floral; and crafts.


Past participants have completed ambitious projects, such as an upholstered headboard, room-screens, window treatments, and hand painted furniture.


Many choose smaller projects or projects that have not been started but not completed. All of us together create a great day of fun and accomplishment!


If you are unsure of a project we can discuss all the options in more detail.




              *Class size limited

 Use the contact page to reserve a space



Set an appointed time for a 2 hour session for instuction on an individual project that you have always wanted to do or a project that has been started and not completed.  This one on one class allows peronalized attention on the project of your choice.



Add $35 for each extra hour added to the 2 hour seaaion

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