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            full service  interior design

                                                     art studio


Design Consultations

Color Schemes


Custom Area Rugs nd Capet

Mirrors and Accessories

Lamps and Lighting Fixtures

Window Treatments ~Made in Studio

Pillows and Bedding ~Made in Studio

Faux finishes / Murals / Handpainting

Residential and Commercial 

Exterior Consultations and Design


Original Wall Art 

~Nude Drawings



From an hour of ideas to a complete room or house design. 


Rearranging and staging current furniture and / or accessories.  Staging for Resale.


Spend a fun hour, couple of hours or a full day shop- ping for furniture, accessories, appliances, fixtures ect.


Classes:  Check Class Calendar

"Never enough molding!"

           -MOIRA DONOVAN

   Accents  of Artistry

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